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2005- Live Family Hog Hunt from Shiloh Ranch.

2007- Live Family Hog Hunt from Shiloh Ranch.

Welcome to the website of Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp! Matt and Cheryl Napper will be your hosts on this exciting hunt for the elusive wild boar. The hunt takes place in a beautiful valley nestled below the Arbuckle Mountains in south central, Oklahoma. "We have blended together every ingredient it takes to make your hunt as exciting, and successful as possible" says Matt.

The wild boar is often described as, "the poor man's grizzly." The thrill of hearing and seeing a large ominous boar with razor sharp tusk lurking through the brush in the evening hour is not for the faint of heart! "What's even more exciting than this?" It has to be sitting around the western style campfire listening to the howl of the coyote and hoot of the great-horned owl as the fire crackles and enthusiastic hunters tell of the day's events.

This last season was awesome! Our hunters had over a 90% success rate on shot opportunities with several trophy boar taken. Many of our guests hunted wild boar for the first time ever and were amazed at how challenging this hunt can be. Like I tell everyone, "If you haven't tried boar hunting and don't want to get hooked one it, don't!"
Come join us, on what's sure to be a thrill filled weekend of hunting boar, making new friends, forging relationships and sharing in a true western style hunting camp, at Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp!

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