We have spent years studying and hunting wild boar in Texas and Oklahoma. Many years of knowledge and experience have been incorporated in the Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp to assure that you have an exciting and pleasant hunt. The terrain is rolling hills and creek bottoms that favor wild boar habitat. A mixture of various hardwoods and under-brush make for some very challenging still hunts.


Your hosts, Matt & Cheryl Napper have invested time, effort, and resources into a wild boar hunting experience that we promise will be a thrill! We offer stand hunting, still-hunting and stalking. Most shots will be 20 yards or less because of the thick brush. The boar on the Shiloh Ranch are true wild "feral hogs" with most having very distinct Russian characteristic. Most boars average 100-150 pounds with several going up-ward to 300 pounds or more!


Hunting Times

Wild boar can be hunted year-round in Oklahoma, with no closed season. Shiloh Ranch hunts can be scheduled either weekends or weekdays. Call us for available dates.

 “Come join us at Shiloh Ranch for one of the most exciting hunts of a lifetime!”